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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a practicing physician?  What fields?

Yes, I practice in DFW and have practiced in a variety of healthcare settings from large referral centers to community hospitals to remote underserved areas.  I have board certifications in internal medicine, critical care medicine, and pulmonary diseases.  See our staff page for qualifications.

What prompted you to create Physician Legal Consulting?

Good healthcare depends on honesty, transparency, and ethics.  While most networks and healthcare practitioners continue to uphold these values, it has been our experience that a culture of corporatization and secondary gain is emerging in healthcare which is eroding these principles.  It is our goal to oppose healthcare malfeasance, keep physician standards high, and uphold the traditional principles we rely on.

How does Physician Legal Consulting help legal professions?

For legal professions we act as a consultant/expert to the medical issues of their case.  Examples include expert review, case selection, and investigation.  We also can answer specific medical questions and clarify standards of care backed by medical literature.  We are happy to provide written reports.  If there are other ways we can help, we are happy to speak about your case's specific needs.  Our services page has examples as well.

Do you serve as an expert witness?

We do serve as expert witness for cases that are clearly egregious and require physician-lead advocacy.  Contact us and we'd be happy to talk to you about your particular case.

Can’t RN legal services do these things already?

We respect the skill-set of nurses.  However, after ten years, my experience shows it rare for a RN to have a sufficient experience with medical literature, assessment,  treatments, and medical decision-making necessary to be the most effective consultant when compared to a front line experienced physician.

What do you use to find the answer to medical questions?

Navigating the medical literature takes training and experience.  For example, it is estimated that over 30,000 separate medical journals exist today creating over 150,000 publications per month.  That's approximately 1.8 million new medical publications per year.  It is also generally understood that most positive studies published are false positives.
Knowing what constitutes an authoritative source, or a credible rebuttal a source, is a significant part of physician training and a large part of what physicians do on a day-to-day basis.

Are your reports unbiased?

Yes, we are only interested in the facts and standards as it applies to the case.  We assume our reports will be scrutinized by opposing physicians, opposing counsel, and judges.  Our conclusions and research are thus held to exceptional standards with credible literature.  We aim to meet Daubert and Robinson standards.

What are your fees?

We’d be happy to speak about fees and expectations over the phone or email.  I think you’ll find our fees competitive and reasonable.

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