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Welcome to Medical Topics from Physician Legal Consulting

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Hello, and welcome to Physician Legal Consulting of Dallas' Blog. I've created this blog to share generalized knowledge about medical topics that legal professionals and the public at large should understand. The goal is always to inform and its true what they say... 'Information is power'.

As I talk to friends, families, and even other healthcare professionals, it's clear that there is a disconnect between the reality of what is happening in healthcare and the public perceptions. In fact, a massive percentage any practitioner's day is dedicated to explaining or clarifying misunderstood aspects of a person's illness and treatments to patients and families. The confusion of what media displays, what is generally believed in public forums, and the reality of healthcare causes a rift between perception and reality that is often the source of confusion and missed opportunity.

The goal is always to inform and its true what they say... information is power

This blog is geared to informing readers about realities of healthcare, sickness, and treatments that are useful to know for an informed public or legal professional.

Generally, the topics will be of my choosing, but if you have a particular topic that you're interested in, we're happy to use it in upcoming blogs. Hopefully this will be fun, educational, and informative. We welcome your comments


Benjamin J. Blow, M.D.

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